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Cycle Clothing


Real people, Real Products

iLpaladino is authentic because it is real and concrete, moreover supported by an unique production structure, a totally vertical enterprise which is able to supervise the entire production cycle. It is Authentic because it is able to produce essential, real original cycle garments, chosen by the most demanding athletes and cyclists. Finally, it is authentic because the product is made by passionate, dedicated workers who are able to combine the technology and constant improvement to the warm and timeless human touch.

Part of what drives us (and most cyclist we know) is the importance of being responsible guardians to our world. Our two-wheel journey connects us to our surroundings, raw and unfiltered, while having virtually no impact on the environment. Finding ways to minimize our tread-marks in our sport is about knowing where our equipment and apparel comes from and how it contributes to waste, energy, labor and the community from which they are made.

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